Group Ride outs - Safety Reminder

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Group Ride outs - Safety Reminder

Postby MSutherland » Fri 06 Jun, 2014 9:01 pm

For most of us the organised monthly ride outs are one of the highlights of the motorcycling season. These rides are becoming increasingly popular with typically 30 to 40 members turning up on the third Sunday of the month. To maintain NAM's reputation for well organised and safe group riding please would you read through the reminder points below;

1) Please listen carefully to the safety briefing given at the start of the ride. This is in two parts, the first is general information to comply with our group insurance policy, the second part will be more specific information from the Ride Leader(s) who will have planned the route; Information about coffee, lunch and petrol stops together with advice such as "Watch out for sheep on this section" "Be prepared to slow right down for gravel on bends after we set off after lunch" "Watch out for mud on the road where tractors have been coming out of the field" etc.

2) With using the 'drop off system' to mark any deviations in the route it should not usually be necessary for riders to overtake other riders in the group.

3) Remember to move away from oncoming vehicles, especially on narrow roads and on bends, "Halve the distance between the hazards".

4) When approaching 'T' junctions keep more in line rather than bunch together so that the bike at the front can have a clear view to the left and right.

5) It is the responsibility of the Ride out Coordinator and the Ride Leader on the day to ensure as far as possible that a trained 'First Aider' is on the ride, preferably in the back group.

6) Ride Leaders, please take into account the different levels of experience that may be in your group and that tiredness may creep in and concentration levels dip towards the end of a long ride. Consider building in another short break. The composition of your group may change as groups sometimes reduce from three to two or from two to one as some members leave the ride during the course of the day.

7) The support given to the ride out programme by Observers, members of the Training Group and other experienced riders who set a good example of safe advanced riding is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Michael Sutherland (Group Chairman)
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